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In english...

I've had the intention for a long time to publish a few articles in english on this weblog, in order to develop exchanges of ideas with our neighbours, the other side of the Channel. But I didn't dare to : my english is not good enough, is it ?. « Don't be so shy! », an english (mothertoungue)-speaking friend told me, and that's why you can read this today.

Well, you know why I am trying to write something in english. But why now ? Did you read my article here last saturday on Brighton Festival? « It's big, it's bold, it's back - it's Brighton Festival 2007! », I quoted.

Did you notice that, in my « annuaire de Dieppe et des environs », I have included a Category called « (fr)english blogs &friends », in order to collect adresses and descriptions of a number of sites and weblogs of people in Brighton, Newhaven and any other place in Britain ?

I have been looking since saturday for a nice picture of Brighton Festival to publish on this Jyvais blog, but who can send me one? Then, I discovered a number of weblogs based in Brighton&Hove, the one of Peter, for instance. I left my email adress and Peter replied to me soon.

I hope that we will be able to develop exchanges of ideas, pictures, news and adresses. Let's try ! This will give me an opportunity too to improve my english (please, tell me what's wrong, I shall appreciate.)

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Or are you English? ... 
No, sorry, I am not english.
Hi Jean,I followed your link from [BH-ISSUES] to get here. I hope your attempt to get online links succeeds,. Who know, there may be a whole network builds up as a result.I was pleased I made the right guess when I wanted to comment,. To encourage the others (we do say that in English) you might like to add a standard text to the end of your English postings "To add a comment, click where it says Ajouter un commentaire. After typing your text, copy the characters underneath into the little box and then click Publier".I think your English is fine. No worries.  Elizabeth
Hi Elizabeth,Thanks a lot for your comment : you're the first! I wish too thant a "whole network'll build up as result"... let's try and see. Your sentence to add to my english postings is a clever idea : I'll do that next time. And how about adding your site to the "annuaire de Dieppe" (category : (fr)english blogs &friends) ?