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Brighton's Seagulls and Dieppe's Goélands

Just the same sort of bird !

On Brighton & Hove's forum, this opinion on Seagulls seemed to me of a real interest for us in Dieppe. Who told me, some time before, that our British friends had found better solutions than us?

« We have a large number of seagull visitors and one or two regulars who
lurk on our roof waiting for the breakfast scraps. . There was a bold
one in particular that used to come to our kitchen door and bang on the
glass to let us know he was there and waiting to be fed. He had an air
of righteous indignation if we didn't respond there and then. Sadly he
stopped coming so I guess he's gone to a better place! With more prompt

On a more serious note, the sad thing is that as we rob our indigenous
sea birds of their natural diet, draining the sea by over fishing, the
luckless seagulls are driven inland to find alternative food source.
To me, the reports that the once timid seagulls are becoming aggressive
is indicative of desperation on their part ».

Vince Meegan


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Un animal qui colonise absolument le milieu côtier et qui a chassé les mouettes, qu'on a tendance à prendre pour elle, qui est en fait un goéland argenté et qui vit effectivement au milieu des hommes !