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Tokio Hotel press review

tokio-hotel-group-3701528.jpgTokio Hotel
Headlines in french newspapers
but two concerts in France cancelled


The german pop-rock group Tokio Hotel the favorite of millions of adolescent fans, not only in Germany but in the whole world, is in France. All the concerts post complete. And suddenly the bad news : 2 concerts cancelled due to medical reasons ! Bill has an extinction of voice...


We had to await the end of this week (October 14th to October 21th ) : now the French press, youth and celebrities magazines, including serious wwekly and daily papers, are aware at least of the importance which the event is taking.


But the same weekend the group has just cancelled, for the consternation of fans, two concerts in Marseilles and Montpellier, the newspapers publish many articles on the group.

Programme TV.net en partenariat avec Télé Loisirs.


Le Monde




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